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Expression of Interest form to loan £10.000 to the Society in order to secure the purchase of the pub:  DOWNLOAD HERE
– 22-01-18 Shareholders meeting report:  VIEW HERE or PRINT HERE
CIPub-2year-trading-projections-figures.xlsx : This spreadsheet shows the 2 year trading figures projections of the tenant. This demonstrates his/ her potential income in relation to running the business of the pub. The figures show the rent payable to the Society by the tenant on a sliding scale, which forms the main source of our income.
CISociety-10year-projection-figures.xlsx :  The Chequer Inn Ash Society spreadsheet shows the 10 year projected figures and most importantly repayment of loans. This will be achieved in part by repaying the Plunkett loan ASAP (as it is 8%) by remortgaging to a lower rate, but also by the tenants rent to the Society. Other income streams will be explored further once purchase is complete. Many ideas have been put forward including a profit sharing lease and quarterly / regular events at the pub.
– 2018 Business Plan : DOWNLOAD HERE
– Share application form : DOWNLOAD HERE