A big thank you to all who came to our Pop-up Pub event!

A big thank you to all who came to our Pop-up Pub event!


Some lovely footage of our Pop-Up Pub event last weekend. Thanks to everyone that attended and also to everyone working hard behind the scenes to make it happen! A fantastic day despite all the heavy rain. Lots of visitors throughout the day and everything sold out!

Thanks to GADDS’ Ramsgate Brewery for the beer and to James for the delicious hog roast. Let’s hope that we can find our tenant soon so that events like these can happen all the time and the Chequers can open its doors everyday!

Helping hands please :)

Helping hands please :)

As you would have read, we are starting our refurbishment process of the pub and grounds and things are starting to take shape. However, due to the fact the building is listed, there is only a certain amount we can do until the Listed Building Consent comes through. However, there are a range of smaller jobs we can be carrying on with which would be great to get our community involved to keep our costs low and village morale high! Would any of these be suitable for you to be involved with? Please let me know by sending us a PM and we’ll add you to the rota. Thanks to those who have already replied.

11th August – Filling and Sanding party. Need to remove picture hooks from wall, fill in the morning and sand some hours later in both loos and pub. Other wall and paintwork prep to be defined or this day. Estimate four volunteers needed.

12th August – Cleaning party for loos and bar area. Volunteers please bring your own rubber gloves, bucket and if possible mop. 3 volunteers sought for pub and 3 for loos. Turn up at 12.00.

18th and 19th August – Painting to commence in Loo area in both Gent’s and ladies. There may be further prep work needed in the bar that weekend also. Painters and preppers needed for both days – up to 5 volunteers per day.

Bar area to be painted the Bank Holiday weekend of 25th August, possibly pushing into all three days. Five volunteers per day.

Please use the link below to get in touch for volunteering:

A call to our local tradesmen!

A call to our local tradesmen!


We now have over 100 shareholders who have come forward to offer their time and talents for a variety of jobs around the property to transform our community pub.
We are grateful for all the enthusiasm, energy and muscle power from all volunteers.

We have also been contacted by a number of local skilled tradesman who have agreed to complete a range of jobs within the property.

While some of this is PRO BONO others are giving their services at cost. In all, helping to stretch our funds even further.

However, as a local project we are keen to keep tenders and work as close to home as possible and/ or work with skilled shareholders. So far this approach is working well for architecture, carpentry, garden and landscaping, roofing & web design.

What we urgently need now is:

  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers
  • Tilers

If you have these skills to a professional level or know someone who maybe interested please can you contact us ASAP by emailing chequermates@gmail.com with name & contact details or fill the volunteering/helping form by visiting the page below: